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  • New India as an Emerging Giant in The Asia Pacific Region

As India experiences significant growth, its new status is impacting the developments in several countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The impact is across several dimensions social, economic and managerial. The session highlights how the region perceives the new India, both in its strength as also opportunities. Prof Ryokichi Hirono presents the Japanese and Asian perspectives on the emergence of new India in the first decade of the 21st century. He congratulates India for its impressive achievements made in the last 43 years since his last visit to India. In addition, he outlines the internal and external challenges that India still needs to overcome. Finally, he discusses the initiatives required to make India an integral part of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation and integration. Alan Rosling presents the Indian perspective on its status in the Asia-Pacific region. He discusses the recent emergence of East Asia collectively in the world economy. He highlights the various strength areas for India, and urges India to focus its energies in overcoming its weaknesses. In addition, he discusses the business investments made by the Tatas at the international platform. Dr Dennis Tai Lun Sun presents his views on the regional opportunities within the Asia-Pacific region. He states that China and India have tremendous potential individually and in cooperation with each other. Further, he states that this cooperation between these two neighbours would generate a momentum for continual economic growth across the region. He highlights that Hong Kong can serve as a linking plane between China and India.

Book Description
Author Japanese and Asian Perspectives Ryokichi Hirono, Professor Emiretus, Seikei University, Tokyo, Japan Indian Perspective Alan Rosling, Executive Director, Tata Sons Ltd Perspectives on the Regional Opportunities Dennis Tai Lun Sun, Vice Chairman, AAMO & Chairman, China Hong Kong Photo Products Holdings

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New India as an Emerging Giant in The Asia Pacific Region

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