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The book captures recent developments in India’s business environment and attempts to provide a clear and crisp analysis of the same from the point of view of facilitating corporate adjustment. The book lays emphasis on the working of the economy and the operational mechanism of macro-economic policies as pre-requisites for a proper understanding of the dynamics of business environment. It seeks to strengthen the skills of the student and the future manager to understand, analyse, and predict business environment and draw inferences and implications for corporate adjustment. Apart from comprehensive treatment of the latest curriculum, it includes many new topics of high contemporary relevance like Key indicators of Macro-environment; Risk in Business Environment; How Monetary Policy Works; The Operation of Fiscal Policy; Monetary and Credit Policy Environment; New Competition Law; Competitive Environment; Technological Environment; Corporate Governance; Money Market; The Services Sector and Globalization of the Economy. The following are the other distinctive characteristics of the book: v The matter is presented in a clear, crisp and accessible style. v Obsolete and irrelevant data are carefully avoided and only brief, latest and authentic data (up to the year 2003) is used. v Concept and illustration boxes are provided throughout the text to facilitate proper understanding. v Apart from review questions, practical and field assignments are added to each chapter. v The concepts and terms are highlighted throughout the text and listed at the end of each chapter. v Each chapter is followed by a focussed and latest supplementary reading list for more serious students. CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Nature and Dynamics of Business Environment/Key Indicators of Macro-Environment/The Dynamics of Business Environment And Corporate Adjustment/Risks in Business Environment/Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility/The Structure and Working of An Economy/Determination of National Income/The Process of Economic Growth/Business Cycles/The Dynamics of Inflation/How Monetary Policy Works/The Operation of Fiscal Policy/Nature And Resources of Indian Economy/Current St

Book Description
Author Suresh Bedi, MDU, Rohtak
Book Size 71/4x91/2 HB/PB
ISBN 978-81-7446-375-5(PB) 81-7446-376-3(HB)

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Business Environment

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