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International Economics is one of the most important and dynamic disciplines of economics. The subject has become all the more complex and interesting because of the intricacies involved in economic factors, international relations, and the socio-economic environment. This book captures all the recent developments in the international economics and business scenario. The contents of the book are divided into four parts. The first part contains – International Economics and Trade, Analytical Tools of International Economics, Theory of Comparative Costs, Modern Theories of International Trade, Hechscher–Ohlin Theory and Gains from International Trade. The second part includes – International Trade and Economic Development, Terms of Trade, Tariffs and International Trade, Contribution of Economic Growth to International Trade, Analysis of Growth Parameters, Free Trade vs. Protection, Non-Tariff Trade Barriers – Quota System, Dumping and State Trading. The third part comprises – Balance of Payments, Foreign Trade Multiplier, Monetary Policy-Fiscal Policy Mix and Foreign Exchange Management. The Fourth part includes – Strategy Towards Globalization, Theory of Economic Integration: Customs Union, Theory of Economic Integration: Regional Blocs and Grouping, WTO Framework, International Financial Institutions, GATS and National Income Determination. The book has a special section on Case Studies which contains cases pertaining to International Economics and International Business. The book has been written in a clear, crisp and lucid style. Authentic (up-to-date) data and proper illustrations have been provided to facilitate proper understanding of the subject. This book has been designed keeping in view the standard requirements of the undergraduate and postgraduate students of various areas of Economics, International Business and Management. Contents Include: International Economics and Trade / Analytical Tools of International Economics / Theory of Comparative Costs / Modern Theory of International Trade or Heck Scher-ohlin Theory / Gains from International Trade / International Trade: An Engine or an Obstacle to Economic Development / Terms of Trade / Tariffs and International Trade / Contribution of Economic Growth to International Trade – An Analysis of Growth Parameters / Free Trade vs Protection / Non-Tariff Trade Barriers – Quota System / Dumping and State Trading / Balance of Payments / Foreign Trade Multiplier / Monetary Policy – Fiscal Policy Mix: Internal and External Balance / Foreign Exchange Management / International Business Environment - An Overview / Strategy towards Globalisation / Theory of Economic Integration: Customs Union / Theory of Economic Integration: Regional Blocs and Groupings / WTO Framework: An Analysis and Future Policy Options / International Financial Institutions – IMF and World Bank

Book Description
Author Raj Kumar
Book Size 7¼x9½
Pages 552
Year 2008
ISBN 978-81-7446-648-8

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International Economics

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