• Microeconomic Theory and Applications (Part I)

The 2nd New Revised Edition 2017 of this book explains The concept of Microeconomics revolves around the behaviour of market. The answers of questions such as, how prices are determined and what leads to change in the prices so determined, provide the subject matter of microeconomics. This book is an effort to bring together all the related topics in a careful manner. The book provides an extensive approach towards the concepts of demand and supply, product pricing, elasticity of demand and supply, marginal utility, etc. The book is divided into twelve chapters. It has been developed keeping in view the requirements of graduate level students, as the book covers the syllabus of microeconomics, as prescribed for the BCom (Hons) I year course of the University of Delhi. The book is written with the objective to supplement the classroom teaching. It has been written in a manner as if lectures are being delivered. Given at the end of each chapter are the University examination questions, with solutions to the numerical questions at the end of the book. The book would prove to be equally useful for all microeconomics courses at the graduation level across all the universities in India. Contents Include: Introduction / Concepts of Demand and Supply / Elasticity of Demand and Supply / Revenue / Indifference Curve Analysis / Income–consumption and Price–consumption Curves / Income and Substitution Effects / Applications of Indifference Curves / Revealed Preference / Short-run Production Function / Long-run Production Function / Cost of Production / Perfect Competition

Book Description
Author S K Agarwala
Book Size 7¼x9½
Pages 238
ISBN 978-81-7446-665-5

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Microeconomic Theory and Applications (Part I)

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