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This is a general book on microeconomics, a vast branch of economics. The contents mainly relate to the Economics Honours Course of the University of Delhi. But most topics are of general nature and relevant for most of the graduation courses in Economics of the Indian Universities. While writing this book, my main concern was simple presentation and detailed explanation with nothing left to the imagination of students. Aids like graphs, solved numerical examples, schedules, etc. have been incorporated to increase the understanding of the topic. As an aid to revision, questions of the past examinations are given at the end of each chapter. Contents include: Preferences/Utility/Budget Constraint/Choice/Demand/Revealed Preference/Slutsky Equation/Buying, Selling and Intertemporal Choice/Choice Under Uncertainty/Production Function/Cost/Perfect Competition/Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition/Price Discrimination and the Two-Part Tariff/Oligopoly/Game Theory/General Equilibrium with Pure Exchange/Production and General Equilibrium/Welfare/Externalities/Public Goods/Asymmetric Information

Book Description
Author S K Agarwala, Delhi University
Book Size 71/4x91/2 PB
Pages 392
Year Jan 12 2008
ISBN 81-7446-554-5

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