• Managerial Economics

This 3rd edition of the Book is an attempt to assist students who have little or no prior knowledge of the subject. The book presents the text explaining the principles of managerial economics in a candid manner. The emphasis of the book is on relating principles of microeconomics at the firm level and discusses basic techniques in managerial economics, demand and supply, elasticity of demand and supply, demand forecasting, production analysis, cost analysis, profit analysis, input-output analysis, investment decisions, market analysis and price determination under different market structures, pricing methods and approaches, theories of firm, business decision under risk and uncertainty, advertising, effects of taxation, location decision, etc., at length. A separate chapter on welfare economics has also been incorporated. The book also presents chapters on macroeconomics, wherein introduction to macroeconomics, national income, consumption saving and investment, money, interest and prices, investment, interest and income, theories of inflation, balance of payments and foreign trade, globalization of Indian business and trade are included. Real world examples and cases have been included for better understanding of the students. By and large, numerical tables and graphs have been included to illustrate the quantitative aspects of the economic terms and concepts. Inclusion of a large number of numerical problems and review questions will surely make the book more purposive. The book has been written in a simple and reader friendly style. The students as well as the working managers will find it an effective tool for making decisions on microeconomic problems. Contents include: Business Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty/Theories of the Firm/Demand and Supply/Elasticity of Demand and Supply Demand Forecasting/Production Analysis Cost Analysis/Profit Analysis Input-Output Analysis/Pricing Methods and Approaches/Investment Decisions/Market Structure and Price Determination/Perfect Competition/Monopoly/Imperfect Competition/Effects of Taxation/Advertising/Location Decision of a Firm/Linear Programming/Welfare Economics/Introducing Macroeconomics

Book Description
Author Atmanand, MDI, Gurgaon
Book Size 71/4x91/2 HB/PB
Pages 732
Year Jan 12 2008
ISBN 978-81-7446-691-4

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Managerial Economics

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