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Entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are two sides of same coin; while entrepreneur is an individual who creates and establishes a business, entrepreneurship is the process adopted by entrepreneur to do so. This book is an effort to deliberate/throw light on all the major realms of entrepreneurship. The book is divided into three major parts. The first part introduces the term entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial process, types of entrepreneurs and factors responsible for emergence of entrepreneurship. Part two focuses on the processes of business plan and preparing a project report followed by functional plans. Part three discusses sources of finances, institutions supporting entrepreneurs, introduction to Small Scale Industries, evaluation of sickness of SSI, assessment of viability of sick industries and their rehabilitation and last but not the least women entrepreneurship. A profile of an entrepreneur has been given at the beginning of most of the chapters to make each chapter more attractive. At the end of each part there are several case studies relevant to each section of the book. The scope of entrepreneurship is tremendous in a country like India which faces problems of unemployment, underemployment and disguised unemployment because entrepreneurship can be eyed as a tool for income generation and employment The book will be beneficial for students, entrepreneurs as well as those who are planning to start their business. Contents Include: Part I: Introduction to Entrepreneurship / Introduction to Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurship: Motivation, Types and Barriers to Entrepreneurship / Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship / Part II: Business Plan & Functional Plan / Business Planning Process / Drawing Functional Plan-I: Marketing Plan / Drawing Functional Plan-II: Production/Operation Plan / Drawing Functional Plan-III: Organizational Plan / Drawing Functional Plan-IV: Financial Plan / Part III: SSI & Women Entrepreneurs / Sources of Finance / Institution Supporting Entrepreneurs / Small-scale Industry / A Critical Evaluation of the Conceptual Framework of Sickness in Ssi, Status and Dimensions of Ssis and Industrial Sickness / Symptoms for Detecting Sickness in Small-scale Industries / Causes of Sickness in Small-scale Industries / Assessment of Viability of Sick Industries and their Rehabilitation / Women Entrepreneurship

Book Description
Author Shikha Sahai
Book Size 71/4x91/2
Pages 422
Year 2008
ISBN 978-81-7446-613-6

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