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  • Basics of Tourism Management

The present book incorporates the rudiments of tourism management for the students. It takes a global look at what tourism is all about, with adequate examples wherever necessary, and every effort is made to make the text interesting for the readers. The book is comprehensive in the sense that it treats the different facets of tourism industry. The book will provide an essential reading for anyone interested in tourism, whether a student, a teacher, a professional, or even a common man. It is written in simple and lucid manner so as to be understood without hiccups. The book examines all the key elements of tourism – why it is an important global business and how it affects our everyday lives. In simple terms, it shows how the tourism industry is organized, run and managed. This book provides a clear and frank assessment that is easy to follow and above all it generates a clear idea on the basics of tourism. Reading this book will definitely be enjoyable for one and all.

Book Description
Author Suddhendu Narayan Misra Sapan Kumar Sadual
Book Size 7.25x9.5
Pages 238
Year 2008
ISBN 978-81-7446-681-5

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Basics of Tourism Management

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