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  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Ethics can be described as philosophy in action and business ethics is the application of ethical principles in business. Business ethics is not just related to an individual but to the whole organisation. Any business, operating in a society, has a moral responsibility of contributing to society in terms of welfare schemes and projects. Business ethics promotes good business by generating support both within and outside the organisation. It is not about morality but about the establishment of transparent norms of relationship in an organisation.
This book provides a comprehensive coverage on the subject of business ethics. Starting with the nature, history, development and utility of business ethics, the book elaborates the relevance of ethics in human resource management and insights about ethical leadership and professional and personal ethics. Apart from this, the book brings forward the topics of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, technology and environmental ethics and international business ethics as pertinent to the modern day organizations.
An important feature of the book is that it includes some brilliant cases to help the students analyze and grasp the realities of life. Also, most of the chapters start with an opening case and end with a discussion case to make the reading more interesting. The book will immensely help the students to understand the relevance of business ethics in modern context.
i. Nature and Scope of Business Ethics
ii. History of the Development and Utility of Business Ethics
iii. Basics of Business Ethics
iv. Theories of Business Ethics
v. Ethical Decision-making
vi. Professional Ethics
vii. Corporate Governance
viii Ethical Leadership
ix. Corporate Social Responsibility
x.Personal Ethics
xi. Marketing Ethics
xii. Ethics in Human Resource Management
xiii. Technology Ethics
xiiv. The Role of Corporate Culture in Business Ethics
xv Environmental Ethics
xvi. Ethical Aspects of Financial Management
xvii. International Business Ethics (Ethical Principles Governing Global Business)
xviii. Ethics Training

Book Description
Author S Prabakaran
Book Size 7¼x9½
Pages 278
Year 2010
ISBN 978-81-7446-782-9

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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

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