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  • Computer Programming And Problem Solving Through C

The book in enhancing one`s expertise in the programming of C Language comprehensively describes the fundamentals of C language and its wide-ranging usage in programming. Well supported with programming examples of varying complexity levels, it effectively discusses the various levels of programming techniques used in C, successfully illustrating its utility in designing program solutions for virtually any type of application. Thoroughly practical in its approach, it aims at introducing the reader to the essential elements of C, using a rigorous combination of theory and practice to examine each distinguishing feature of the language. Specifically written for both beginners as well as advanced practitioners, this handy and eminently user-friendly book gives: n Exhaustive coverage of all examination objectives n Information about practical utility of C in various types of applications n Exercises to evaluate reader`s knowledge n Key information tabulated for easy reference n Large number of working programs to test one`s abilities and serve as models for writing one`s own programs Contents include: Introduction to Problem Solving/Introduction to C/C Grammar /Operators, Expressions and Statements/I/OFundamentals/Control Flow Statements/Loops and Jumps/C Functions/Arrays/Structures and Unions/Pointers/File Handling/The C Preprocessor

Book Description
Author Dharminder Kumar, Guru Jambheswar University, HisarVarun Kumar
Book Size 71/4x91/2 PB
Pages 370
Year 2008
ISBN 81-7446-434-4

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Computer Programming And Problem Solving Through C

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