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The process of globalisation has reduced the modern world to an electronic village. It has led to a rapid increase in cross-border relations – economic, political and socio-cultural – as well as to a massive growth of international trade, investment and capital flows. Global investment of funds, by firms of all sizes from almost all industries across the world, is increasing. The means used to increase investment include expansion of the existing facilities, Greenfield projects and/or mergers & acquisitions of assets. Globalisation or internationalisation of business is both challenging and rewarding. Modern challenges have become more complex and daunting than ever. Technological advances, particularly in communications, have brought drastic changes in the world. Managing business in the new millennium means global interactions, and organisations succeed or fail on the basis of their ability to deal with the dynamic global environment.

This book covers all the aspects of international business environment. Following a reader-friendly approach, it provides a comprehensive coverage of the basic concepts and principles of international business environment relevant to students and highlights its formats and modalities in current use. The study of the subject is simple, need-based and sequential. All relevant dimensions of international business environment, from a learner's perspective, find lucid coverage here. It has taken care of the model syllabus of UGC for MBA. Topics of international business environment as prescribed for students of commerce, business management and professional courses of various universities (especially MBA, MCA and BCom) are duly covered in this book.

Book Description
Author Raj Kumar
Book Size 23x36
Pages 744
Year 2012

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International business environment

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