This book is recommended for those readers and students who are keen on getting a deeper understanding on the strategic issues facing the different sectors of the Indian economy and business in the aftermath of the emergence of the WTO system and the new global economic and business order that the WTO agreements have brought about. The book will raise your strategic anxieties on India to such a great height that at the end of reading it you will certainly be inspired to think seriously about possible ways of enabling the Indian economy and business to achieve a more rapid global ascendance. All discussions in the book are in the context of the WTO agreements. While discussing India’s past trade performance and future potentials, the book makes extensive references to the US, European Union and China, the three most powerful economies of the contemporary world. There are several instances in the book where Indian achievements are benchmarked against China’s. Besides, the book explores the direction of India’s trade future with respect to the ASEAN. The book also focuses on such burning topics as Indian companies in the global markets, India’s trade gains in textiles and clothing, intellectual property protection to traditional knowledge, food security issues under a free trade regime, India’s international trade in agricultural products, India’s business in business process outsourcing, and the trade potentials in higher education. Further, there are interesting discussions in the book on the trade or investment issues of automobile, pharmaceutical, FMCG, retailing, livestock, plantation and tourism sectors. In each case the book has made due focus of its attention on the required strategic resourse for India. In a nutshell, the book is an essential reading for anyone who long to see India reemerging as the dominant force in the global economy.

Book Description
Book Size 71/4x91/2
Editors Dr P Rameshan
Pages 338
Year 2008
ISBN 978-81-7446-593-1

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WTO, India and Emerging Areas of Trade

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