Company law governs the corporate sector. Thus, a study of company law is immensely important for both students of business and working managers. Sufficient study or knowledge of law is immensely helpful to both students and managers in the academic and professional fields, respectively.

This book offers a working account and in-depth analyses of appropriate business laws, supplemented by practical observations and numerous examples in the problematic areas. The book assumes no previous knowledge of the subject on the part of the reader and hence aims at complete clarity and simplicity of exposition for the beginner, making the text a practical self-learning guide. It offers concise and relevant textual material interspersed with essential information.

Other highlights: (i) A good range and variety of examples illustrating the subject matter; (ii) The topics covered in each chapter are discussed under suitable headings and sub-headings for easy comprehension; (iii) To further enhance the utility of the book, an outline of the topics discussed in each chapter is given at the beginning of the chapter to help the readers instantly locate the desired material

The third edition includes legal cases and references updated up to 31st December, 2010. It also contains important legal decisions, notifications, classifications and SEBI regulations.

Book Description
Pages 614
Year 2012
ISBN 978-93-5062-061-8

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