• Project Appraisal, Planning and Control

The word `project` denotes precedence, meaning something that precedes an action. A project is a set of activities intended to accomplish pre-specified objectives of sufficient importance and considerable interest to the management. Project planning and appraisal is vital for businesses as it helps them to suitably and profitably undertake those ventures that match its financial, technological, intellectual and time resources. In businesses, project and project management are important concepts. Since businesses primarily run on profit motive, it becomes imperative for businesses to calculate, from the outset, the cost and probability of success of every project. Project management has gained importance in modern times as it helps an organisation successfully accomplish tasks keeping in mind the time, cost and resource constraints without compromising on quality and profitability.

Considering the growing importance and scope of project management in organisations, several universities have included project appraisal, planning and control in their MBA curricula. This book has been written in order to fulfil the specific course requirements of MBA students. It comprehensively deals with all the aspects of a project and explains the concepts in a lucid way.

Highlights of the book: Planning and Analysis; Generation and Screening of Project Ideas; Financial Analysis of Projects; Types and Measure of Risk including Project Risk Analysis; Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Projects; Multiple Projects and Constraints including Qualitative Analysis and Environmental Appraisal of Projects; Project Financing under Indian Conditions; Project Management, including Forms of Project Organisation, Human Aspects of Project Management, Administrative Aspects of Capital Budgeting System, and Evaluation of Capital Budgeting System; International Project Management including How International Projects are Different from Single-country Projects in terms of Physical Project Work, Stakeholders being Located in Different Countries, and Cross-national and Cross-cultural Project Teams and Worksites

Book Description
Author Dr Pradip Kumar Sinha
Book Size 8¼x11
Pages 472
Year 2013
ISBN 978-93-5062-177-6

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Project Appraisal, Planning and Control

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