• Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a subject of intensive and extensive investigations by academicians as well as management professionals. Many researchers have developed different models and measures over the last few years and a very large number of organizations have used them in different contexts. This book makes an attempt to assess and evaluate these models and measures to capture the varied perceptions and perspectives of EI and to provide some significant learning to facilitate researchers and professional managers for better understanding.

This book includes papers that specify that EI is the aggregation of the innate characteristics and the knowledge and skills that individuals acquire and develop throughout their lifetime. The book includes papers that develop individuals in ways that are personally meaningful, as well as constructive and meaningful for society. The final purpose of this book is to create a platform that can practically be used for EI and its significant factors and thus, provide guidance in the development of individuals to build modern India and the world at large.

Book Description
Book Size 7¼x9½
Editors Shamira Soren Malekar
Pages 324
Year 2010
ISBN 978-81-7446-902-1

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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