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History has shown that the settlements along rivers and waterways have gradually grown into towns and cities. As industrialization progressed over the decades, water became essential to the manufacturing process, and remained an important element. Independent India has seen the railways being supplanted by the vast network of National and State roadways. Fast, easy and inexpensive access to raw materials and markets remained the essential advantage, and was the dominant factor in micro and small enterprises\' locational decisions.

Developing economies grow around clusters coupled to competitive advantages within a geographical area. The clusters of micro and small enterprises have emerged as critical forces in the process of new thinking. The role of social infrastructure is critical in defining and creating a dynamic Micro Cluster. Behind every enterprise and every economic cluster are human beings. People within enterprises provide a critical role often determining the viability and sustainability of not only individual enterprises, but also the entire cluster. Micro Clusters are a valuable option in strategic economic planning and development of the society.

This book is a successful attempt to analyse and explain the various aspects of clusters with particular reference to the micro and the small enterprises in the country. It reiterates that the cluster development approach undeniably enables the micro and the small enterprises to withstand the challenges thrown by the global competition. It presents a global view of Micro Clusters as a valuable option in strategic economic planning and development of the society. The book will be useful to the community of teachers in finance and economics and also for the policy-makers in the fiscal and monetary field.

Contents Include:
Introduction / Migration of Micro and Small Enterprises to Micro Clusters / Do Micro Clusters Benefit Communities? / Micro Clusters & Economic Performance / Overview of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Cluster in Indian Context / Why Does Cluster Analysis Matter? / Prospects and Challenges of Micro Clusters

Book Description
Author V S Somanath
Book Size 5½x8½
Pages 174
Year 2009
ISBN 978-81-7446-801-7

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Micro Clusters

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