To craft Stress Management Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science, Dr Umesh Sharma searched the world`s spiritual and scientific literature to present us with his groundbreaking Kosha Model of Stress Management, unveiling ancient spiritual wisdom concealed for ages in the Vedas and Upanishads. The model takes us on a voyage of self-discovery and represents the best, most effective strategies for managing stress, the modern killer, shifting the paradigm away from its narrow western focus. The koshas are layers of spiritual selves within us, hurdles that come between us and realization of true and lasting happiness. Peeling away these five layers brings awareness, eventually enabling us to reach the innermost coreā€”our true self. Dr Sharma also explains why Adi Shankaracharya was stress free; why CEOs and their executives are usually so stressed out; why most people are unhappy most of the time; where Osama will strike next; loving, laughing and learning in the family; why our work is our joy; symbolism of the ten Avatars of Vishnu and how they help us to attain bliss; yoga for executives; and daily mental diet for a stress free life. This amazing book not only gives a unique recipe for personal happiness, achievement and inner peace, but is also a treasure of quotations and insights that combat stress and even evoke humour, the best medicine.

Book Description
Author Dr Umesh Sharma
Book Size 61/4x91/2
Pages 390
Year Jan 12 2008
ISBN 81-7446-451-4

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Stress Management Through Ancient Wisdom and Moder

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