This book is aimed at demystifying microeconomics at the undergraduate level. It demonstrates that knowledge of microeconomics is, indeed, relevant to the study and practice of business and entrepreneurship in this modern world. In addition, it describes and explains the features and functions of microeconomics relevant to business and entrepreneurship. It attempts to present ideas in a logical and simplified manner to make reading interesting. This is a useful reference to students and practitioners in the field of business and entrepreneurship, with little or no knowledge of economics. The basic concepts of microeconomics are reinforced through narrative text replete with examples, illustrations, and a wide variety of precisely executed graphs, tables and practical examples. This book has been purposefully designed to inform tertiary students, to-be entrepreneurs, businessmen and active entrepreneurs about the essential role of microeconomics in enhancing the success of businesses and entrepreneurial activities. This book is specially designed to help tertiary students and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet the contemporary challenges posed by microeconomics more effectively and efficiently. The contents of this book are up-to-date and meaningful and have a high propensity to motivate students and practitioners to identify, appreciate, interpret and respond effectively to the economic happenings in their society.

Book Description
Author Deodat E. Adenutsi
Book Size 24.3 x 1.9 x 19.9 cm
Pages 3988
Year 2013
ISBN 978-93-5062-199-8

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Essentials of Microeconomics and Business & Entrepreneurship

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